AfterShock Podcast #13 kinda…

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Hey, sorry again about the podcast, it died again the other day…
Demo SW:TFU2
Torchlight on XBLA/PSN,
Kane/Lynch 2 DLC/OnLive
Castle Crashers PSN
Alan Wake Episodes
WoW Cataclysm Special Ed.
Starcraft Addiction = Drugs
Reach Was Leaked
DJ Hero 2 Release Date
Battle of Giants for Wii
Kinect sits down
FFXIII Add = Misleading
ME2 on PS3
RE5 Move
Portal 2 Release
H. Waypoint on WP7
Resistance 3 reveal
DA2 release date
AC Brotherhood Familiar
EA No Like APB
Valve wants Wcraft 3 mod

Podcast Info:
A Challenger! By Sacred_Device

Host info:
Mike Twitter GamerTag
Alex Twitter GamerTag
Kyle Twitter GamerTag
Koga Twitter GamerTag
Chandler Twitter GamerTag
Matt GamerTag
Waylon GamerTag
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