All the E3 you need to know…for Microsoft

Well, I wouldn’t have had to make this post if you’d people have checked out our live broadcast on U-stream, but here I am. Nah, I don’t blame you guys, this one’s a free-bee, but next year, Aftershock takes over youtube!
Until we categories your gaming slave cells, here’s some of the E3 stuff that happened. I’m told it’s important.

Microsoft’s conference was the first to walk the E3 stage and did quite well with many of the presentations. Fable 3 and Gears of War 3 received their own live gameplay sessions although Cliffy’s game made many gamers crap their pants.
Fable 3

Gears of War 3

Then, Metal Gear Solid: Rising rose our expectations of how awsome Raiden could be! Oh, and then there was Halo…sweet, sweet Halo.
Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Halo Reach

Up until this point, Microsoft had E3 in the palm of their grubby little hands again, until…well…just watch. Be forewarned, you might have to hold your arm up for a while…
(Note: 20 minute video for slower internet owners)
Microsoft’s Kinect

Finally, there’s a new model of the Xbox 360. Yeah just like that, and as a bonus, you can get now! Right Now!

It’s priced at $299 and includes built in wi-fi and a 250GB hard drive. It’s awsome! Except for the fact that all those at E3 got one free…that wasn’t awsome.

Overall, the conference was a hit thanks to the early, hard hitting titles, but I felt that with the lack of hardcore games for Kinect smudged Microsoft’s shiny new endeavor. I do have to admit that the new way you can “Kinect” to your dashboard and videos is pretty cool! did ya’ see what I did there? hardy har har

Still, check us out later as the recap of Sony and Nintendo’s E3 conference will be up shortly!

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