AfterShock Podcast #5

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On todays episode, we talk about Killzone 3, gamestop, Pokemonz, and more! :3
Mass Effect 2 DLC fills gap before 3
Alex’s Quest to 15
Dragon Age Machinima (Warden’s Fall)
SSFIV DLC and Fix June 15
[Review: iPhone App] Tweetie 3.0 Vs tweetaholic for iPhone
Rumor: Space Invaders Infinity Gene cloned for XBLA and PSN
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on iPhone next week for $5
Gears of War 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer introduces a modern world at war
KillZone 3
Alan Wake “The Writer” DLC
Sonic 4 delayed until late 2010, will be released on iPhone
Level 5 trademarks new Professor Layton
Gameloft brings a selection of games to Android
Fable 3 PC/Limited Edition
GameStop to offer in-store DLC purchases and new loyalty program this year
Isaac Clark in Skate 3
assassins creed brotherhood will have a beta
Crackdown 2 violent cartoon
StarCraft 2 beta ends May 31, returning ‘several weeks’ later
Petition repeals violent video game ban in Germany

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