The Quest To Fifteen

Right now, you might be asking yourself, “What does the title mean, Alex?” You also might be reading this text (which I literally threw up after thinking about it for a few moments) in order to find out. So to create an atmosphere of suspense I will withhold the answer until the end of this, so here we go.

Pokemon and Super Street Fighter IV. What do they have in common? Strange names, bright colors that dazzle us, or stories that don’t always work? You’re half right if you guessed the first won, but no. In fact, the main thing they have in common is they’re both games that I’ve played, in particular Pokemon was the first true game I got hooked on, and Super Street Fighter IV is the most recent game I’ve played. And then their is few dozen, or more, other games that have the exact same thing in common.

Now that I’ve completely confused you with that small paragraph of personal information you’re probably thinking, “What does that have to do with anything?” Well, kiddies, I’ll tell you.

Throughout my video game filled life of seclusion, online social interactions, and years of starring at my variety of televisions, I’ve often wondered as to which gaming experience was the best. Which game was the best. Ever. For ME.

So without further ado, here it is. I’ve been going through my past experiences with all the games in my memories (confusing and creepy, right?) and which ones were better than others. Thus I decided to actually decided to get out of my chair, get outside, find my really old games, and then sit back down and find out which games could be my top fifteen games of all time. . .FOR ME! For the summer, possibly into the FUTURE, I will be dissecting all the games from past to present that I’ve ever played in order to find out which ones come out on top. So get ready for my gaming history to be thrown in your face! Starting next week, 5/24/10, aka: Monday, I will start recording on my quest to find my top 15 games of all time.

Do remember that these are games that I’ve played, period. Also, just because I can, if you want me to include a game that you want in my Quest To Fifteen, you could send me the game. . . 🙂

Just joking. I don’t want to feel bad about never sending the game back or something.

  1. May 25th, 2010

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