iPhone 4g showed up in Vietnam?

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Short version:
Alright so a new has showed up in Vietnam. It also has a different SIM slot, which means it may be different then the one gizmodo has. It also does not have the screws at the bottom of the device like the one gizmodo has. Oh and it may turn on!

Long Version:
Alex: there is alot of news about apple going around now days ya know?
Me: I know right
Vietnamese guy: We have the new iPhone.
Alex: what?…
Me: Wow, These things are starting to appear all over the place, first in gizmodos hands and now in Vietnam?
Vietnamese guy: Yes, and it turns on…
Alex: Wait… this one turns on you say?
Vietnamese guy: Yes
Me: Holy hell it does turn on!
Alex: I don’t know it looks shopped to me.
Vietnamese guy: We have video
Alex: is it on in the video?
Vietnamese guy with iphone 4g: No.
Me: is that a different SIM slot I am seeing in that video?
Vietnamese guy: Yes
Me: and there’s no screws at the bottom of the device…
Alex: so is it different then the one gizmodo had?
Vietnamese guy: Yes
Me: so is this one closer to the actual retail model?
Vietnamese guy: maybe
Alex you’r alot of help…
Vietnamese guy: maybe
Alex: …
Me: What the hell apple, why have I not gotten one yet?
Guy from apple: it costs 5000 dollars
Alex: *disconnects from chat*
Me: *disconnects from chat*

  1. May 17th, 2010

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