Thoughts on Halo Reach Beta so far

Well, most of us are three days in to the beta, and from my point of view, with the exception of too much Team Slayer, things are looking up for the upcoming shooter. Sure, some of the aspects of gameplay are somewhat strange and may be bugs in experience, but overall the beta is a new feat for tactical multiplayer gameplay. At least as long as you have a cooperative team, which is where the new matchmaking preferences come in, and surprisingly. . .they work!
Choosing cooperative teammates who just want to have a good time will actually work for the majority of the time and result in multiple game wins. I don’t know about you, but Halo 3 was not the best multiplayer game for me as I was often out classed, but even here, a newbie such as me can find victory thanks to preferences. The classes are a nice touch too, but some, such as armor lock feel useless at times. Hopefully this will be rectified with the upcoming invasion gametype on the way.
All in all, with the exception of that horrid first day, the beta has been a great experience that Halo fans cannot miss, and multiplayer lovers should at least give a shot. Who knows, you just might have fun or something.

See you online!

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