[Review: Movie] How To Train Your Dragon

No, I did not see this in 3D, in fact I saw it in regular D….:D
But even without 3D this movie is quite epic in its own right, and just might be Dreamworks‘ first “true” multi-age targeting movie since Shrek. However, before this movie receives any complements, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first.

First off, this movie is mainly directed at kids, but then again, what CGI 3D movie hasn’t been this year? Second, the love setup is pretty weak, I mean it’s pretty bad. One moment she hates him, and not a minute later, it’s, “I love you”. Third, this movie uses the same old story of a weak main character finding his purpose and prospering for it. So there, you have been warned if you absolutely hate any of these “downsides”.

Now, for the good news.

The movie is absolute CGI gorgeousness, and I can only imagine that 3D would make it ten times more smexy! From the flight sequences to the finale, the movie shines in every graphical way. The story is fairly well done as well, but not that it’s going to win any oscars for it. The main reason the story gets such a lift over generic kid movies of the past is it takes a few twists and turns that normally would have happened in a straightforward manner elsewhere. Especially the ending, in that it does something to the main character which other movies of the same type would never dream of doing. While this event is in no way genre changing, it’s a welcome subtle change to hero wins and happily-ever-after ensues.

The best part about this movie, which is to be expected, is the charisma between the horribly named Hiccup, and his dragon Toothless. The bond that forms between dragon and rider is eerily similar to Eragon’s formula, but only prospers from it. As Hiccup and Toothless become partners, their connection quickly leads to some kick-ass fight sequences that are usually handled comedy in other movies. Not here thankfully. So yes, there is comedy in these fighting sequences, but enough heavy action is there to balance it out. Also, for the explicative movies that many seem to enjoy, they throw a few of those around in here as well.

Have I mentioned how cute, yet kick-ass Toothless is? No, well there, I said it!

The main reason most will go see it, at least if they don’t have kids, is the list of popular actors that perform in the movie. America Ferrera, known for her appearances in chick flicks (sisterhood of the traveling pants 2), Gerard Butler, for his “This Is Sparta!”, and Jonah Hill, for his role in Superbad. These are just a few, and while the others are not as well known, they provide spot on performances regardless.

Overall, this is a package that, while aimed towards kids, gets a few shots in for adults as well. The fast pace action will keep the older ones awake, and the humor will give even the hardest critics a chuckle. The dragon and rider relationship is loveable and heartwarming as always, and dragons are just plain coolness anyway. As I have not seen this in 3D yet, but I’ve heard how good the effects are, I can’t emphasize enough how much one could enjoy it in 3D. And even if 3D is not available, the regular version is still great in its own right.

The dragon hopes you enjoyed this review and also hopes that it has convinced you to see the movie. And with that, make a decision and watch this trailer in the meantime.

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