[Review: Game] Splinter Cell: Conviction

Splinter Cell: Conviction continues the story of Sam Fisher and his search to find his daughter killer.
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The story takes place three years after the events of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Sam finds out the his daughter death was know accident and now is out to find his daughters killer, along the way Sam learns that there is a plot to kill the president of the United States of America using Third Echelon as bait.
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The game play is much more fast paced then previous games in a series. interrogation scenes are awesome to look at but can be limiting at times only allowing up to one or two things to be done at a time, mark and execute is another good feature, if you kill an enemy in close quarters combat you are given an execute, which allows you to kill up to four marked targets in quick succession, the last known position is also a great way to lose the enemy if you’re spotted. Co-op story is prequel of the main story, which has you and a friend going to find four stolen Russian EMPs that are about to be sold on the black market, Co-op adds some nice features like, dual interrogation scenes, Co-op mark and execute which slows down time to allow you and you’re friend to do a dual execution of up to 8 enemys at once, you can also revive you’re friend if he’s about to die which can be very useful at times.
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It’s time to talk about the bad parts of this game now, let’s start things off with the MOTHERFUCKING A BUTTON!. I don’t know who’s Idea it was to map all of the actions to ONE FUCKING BUTTON, like for example i try to move to cover and i pick a gun, i try to revive a teammate and i pick up a gun, i try to pick up a gun and i jump off something, but who ever it was I hate you so much. There are some missions that force you to be stealthy which can be very annoying at times especially since you can’t move bodies or shoot some lights and cameras.
At times the game can feel linear and well force you in to combat while at other times can feel too open making it hard to tell where to go. while co-op is fun, there are only a few thing that require you to have a partner to do like dual EMP blasts or the only co-op jump in the entire game…
The turrets in the game are also very annoying and in my opinion they can kill the game for me.
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Overall I loved the game alot but there are some annoying problems (I’m looking at you A button) but it’s an awesome game and the problems in the game aren’t all that bad just annoying.
4 out of 5

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