Aftershock Podcast #1

battlefield bad company 2 vip map pack 3 almost ready,
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Dr. Pepper DLC Explanation
Rumor: Mass Effect 2 files could point to Liara T’Soni DLC,
Free Splinter Cell: Conviction DLC weekly
L4D2 The Passing review
Left 4 Dead 2 – The Passing – Official promo
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero prequel detailed
Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package hitting Steam May 4
Modern Warfare 2 ‘Stimulus Package’ DLC coming to PS3 May 4, worldwide on May 5
Five more leave Infinity Ward
Ubisoft ‘always on’ DRM hated, hacked – circle of life continues
Star Wars The old republic dev diary
Skate 3 trailer takes us to the urban playground
Uncharted 2 multiplayer adds new mode with ‘Siege Expansion Pack’
Crysis 2 – Reveal
Dante’s Inferno ‘St. Lucia’ trial editor explained on video
Halo: Reach special editions confirmed, including $150 ‘Legendary’ set
Splinter Cell: Conviction’s digital bonuses available for download
Avatar 2d dvd sales beat dark knight
Gears of War 3 dated April 5, 2011 in North America, followed by Japan and Europe on April 7 and 8, respectively.
Apple’s next iPhone: what we know (and what we don’t)
Gizmodo Pranks CES By Turning Off Displays Using TV-B-Gone
Gizmodo – Halo 3 Fanboys Eat Shit
One more thing… two iPod touch prototypes with camera briefly show up on eBay
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