[Review: iPhone App] Linkin Park’s 8-Bit Rebellion

8-Bit Rebellion is an iPhone App designed by Alternative rock Linkin Park
(Writer’s note, if you read this, imagine it in 8 bit, with the 8 bit version of one step closer on)
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8-Bit Rebellion is a very repetitive experience, with too much back and forth making the game feel one giant fetch quest. for example, you have to earn Chester’s trust by vandalizing wanted posters, so you go to all of the towns in the game to do this which can get very boring, most of the quests in the game are like this. The touch controls can be vary hard to use, while the on screen buttons can be very unresponsive at times.
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Graphics and Sound:
The presentation of the high res or low res 8-bit graphics is pretty cool but is about the only cool thing in this game…
The sound on the another hand is not all that great, getting to hear linkin park in 8-bit is cool for the first time but if I hear One Step Closer in 8-bit one more time I am gonna kill someone.
The music can be so repetitive at times it’s not funny, all you get to listen to is the same 8 songs over and over again.

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Facebook and Twitter integration are nice for people with friends, you can also “poke” people like on facebook and chat with anybody you see. bulletin boards are on most of the levels for people to post whatever they want, like the end of the game…
You can also play the entire game offline if you don’t like people or don’t have friends, like normal people.
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I bought this app as a fan of linkin park to get the new song blackbirds but for some reason or another when you unlock the song you can not import it to you’r iPod if you want to listen to it you have to go back to the app every time. I do not know why we can not import the song in to iTunes or the iPod app.
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Overall i am very disappointed with this app I love the art and graphics but hate the sound and repetitive gameplay
2 out of 5

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